The Red Pumpkin Soup Did The Trick

The experience I share with you today is one I am sure most of you would relate to. Isn't it very satisfying when you cook up a meal with something your husband and children don't like ( read: certain vegetables) and find them actually enjoying the dish once you have served it up?

As a kid, I loved all kinds of vegetables and later in life taught my children to do the same. My husband was a different matter altogether. When we got married, he had a long list of vegetables which he disliked, including some he had never even tasted before. My experience told me that liking or disliking a kind of food was really a factor of how that dish was made. If you enjoyed the dish, anybody (including my husband) could change their opinion, and frequently did.

Also, the way the dish was presented mattered.  If it looked attractive, the chances of his liking it were that much higher.

The pumpkin is one of those vegetables that my husband dislikes! I explained to him that it has numerous health benefits but they fell on deaf ears. I wanted to make some dish which he would like with pumpkin in it. 

I was delighted to find this recipe of Red Pumpkin Soup in Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's book, "Khazana of Indian Recipes." 

The idea of presenting the Red Pumpkin Soup in an attractive way appealed to my husband, as did, I am glad to say, the soup itself.  This seems to have done the trick because he told me we should have this more often!!

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