Is That a Red Shirt In There? {Purex No Sort Giveaway}

When I was at bloggy boot camp one of the things that struck me the most is “if it isn’t a hell ya, it’s a no.” And we also talked about our worth and many other things. A lot of the bloggers want to be paid for their work and rightfully so. want to get paid for my work. But sometimes in my little frugal body I say hell ya to things even though if I went and bought it at the store it wouldn’t really cost that much. One of those things is Purex. Anything from Purex. I don’t really care what it is because quite honestly I spend quite a bit of my money on the brand. Oh, a new fragrance. Oh, a new formula. I’ve got to have it. Got. to. That’s why I love being a Purex Insider. It’s totally a hell ya. And not just a regular one, like pom-pom waving, cheerleading uniform, top of the pyramid kind of hell ya. Some might hold out for a million dollar diamond necklace (I’ll take that too if there’s a jeweler reading this) but I can’t stay away from the Purex. It’s like laundry crack. Only it’s good for you (and your clothes), makes you smell good, and never makes you look older than you are. I can’t guarantee that you won’t become addicted to it.

So naturally I was all over it when they offered me up some of the new Purex No Sort for colors. While I’m not going to stop sorting my laundry we all know that accidents happen. Oops! Totally forgot to take that red shirt out of there. In the old days (you know, before Purex No Sort) all of the clothes would have had a hint of pink, if not be totally pink. Which quite honestly is why I don’t own a lot of red clothes. Those accidents happen to me more than you’d think. Maybe it’s not really an accident, maybe it’s some sort of deep seeded need to have all my clothes pink. Not really. But it’s nice to know that if I’m in a hurry and I really need that red shirt with light grey pants that are both in the dirty clothes that I can wash them together. Time saver! Score!

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