Red, White & BLUE: But what can I DO?

With only 47 days left until the election (47!) and the barrage of media speculation about the candidates' chances of winning, you might find yourself frustrated and feeling helpless about how to get the result that you'd like to see.



There are plenty of things you can do, no matter who your preferred candidate is, to energize yourself AND support your candidate.  Feeling helpless can lead to anxiety and pessimism.  Feeling empowered can feel energizing and positive!

  • State deadlines for registering and receiving mail-in ballots are only a couple of weeks away for some states. If you live in Nevada or Georgia, your deadline is coming up sooner than you think!  Make sure that you register to vote.
  • Check in with other supporters and make sure that THEY are registered to vote before the deadlines, too.  So often, new voters don't understand that you have to register well in advance of an election.  They want to vote, but then miss the deadline.  Reach out to people you know.  Check in with each one and check them off of your list.  This is "6 degrees activism."
  • Confirm with your State Board of Elections that your registration information is up-to-date and accurate.  Use your list from Point #2 to encourage your fellow supporters to do the same.  Or use the VoteForChange tool at the Obama website to do this.  They'll tell you if you are registered to vote or not. (Sorry, McCain folks, I couldn't find something similiar there or anything non-partisan that covers everyone.  If you know of one, please list it below.)
  • Donate.  Your candidate's campaign will be spending the most money between now and Election Day making every day count and every dollar helps.
  • Know your facts.  Bookmark and your first and last stop of the day.  Pass them along in emails and on Facebook.  Facts, not spin, are the lifeblood of an informed electorate.

Work your lists.  Reach out and confirm registration as well as polling locations. 

You CAN make a difference.  Because in this close election, every vote WILL count!


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