Redecorating Charlie's room - DIY

Charlie’s bedroom has gone through several changes as he’s grown. From nursery to toddler to little big kid and now to “officially” Big Kid décor. As Allison and I have been painting the house and remodeling (more on that later) Charlie has been asking to have his room repainted. Apparently the green paint was not acceptable anymore since it is my favorite color, not his. (sheesh)

charlie room 3

I took Charlie to the Benjamin Moore paint store I use, Heritage Paint, to pick out colors. Needless to say the colors Charlie chose are not anything  would have chosen. Charlie chose Ruby Red and Utah Sky, a bright red and blue to paint his bedroom. I bought 2 Lack shelves, bright glossy red, from Ikea to hang on the walls for Charlie’s “babies”. That way Max can’t eat them plus creating more space on the bed.

charlie room 1

Charlie is thrilled how his room turned out! Many thanks to Allison for doing all the painting in Charlie’s room.  The bright colors don’t look as bad as I thought they would. Overall I am quite pleased with how it looks. The room is 99.9% done. All I need to make now is the curtains. Charlie picked out fabric with Ford emblems all over it.

hot wheels wall track

We even made room for Charlie’s Hot Wheels Wall Track sets!


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