Redrum! Redrum! NOM's New Ad Uses Children To Scare Adults

On the heels of its ridiculous "Gathering Storm" video, the National Organization For Marriage has released a new ad called "I'm Confused," featuring a number of children expressing their 'confusion' over gay marriage (video below).


Yep, gay marriage sure can be confusing to a kid if the person explaining it leaves love and equal rights out of the equation. I feel especially bad for the kid that asks what would happen if his dad married a man. Good thing these words weren't on the script: "Mom, my teacher said that Daddy can divorce you and move to Vegas with that nice lady Lola from Hooters. Mom, what's a deadbeat Dad? What does Daddy mean when he calls you a fat bitch and says, "You don't put out!"?...Can we have chicken wings for dinner?"  


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