Reebok Skyscape Reviews & Giveaways

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Reebok introduces a new shoe, Skyscape that uses 360-degrees of foam to create a shoe that’s unbelievably comfortable and lightweight – weighing only 5.2 ounces.

In the development stages, Reebok wanted to create a shoe that offered unparalleled comfort, but took a holistic look of the foot – aiming for a design and construction that would offer comfort not only underneath the foot, but surrounding the top of the foot as well. To achieve this, Reebok looked outside the footwear industry, borrowing manufacturing techniques and materials from the intimate apparel industry. Working closely with the team at one of the world’s largest lingerie factories, the result is a shoe constructed of a molded, or skived, foam upper, and a unique foam bottom.

The technical features and processes involved in the construction include:

  • Skysculpt, a precision molding technique achieved through the use of manufacturing technology, equipment and materials. The result is an upper without any edges; rather than compressing the foam, the foam is shaved and molded to keep a soft, smooth feel 
  • A unique foam compound fused with ultra-soft stretch material in the shoe’s upper, surrounding the foot in 360 degrees of form-fitting comfort
  • Skyspring technology, which combines Reebok’s proprietary outsole compound with a unique cloud-like design, is engineered to provide flexibility and support and helps to deliver all-day comfort                                                                                                                              
  • Extra cushioning molded into the tongue and heel collar to provide enhanced comfort and help prevent irritation during extended wear
  • Ultra-soft proprietary polyurethane insole provides an exceptional “first feel” and resilient long term comfort under the foot 

A demonstration of Reebok’s commitment to developing leading technologies that revolutionize product offerings for women, Skyscape is the perfect shoe for the active woman who is always on the go, walking to work, to the gym or to meet her friends. With its wide range of colors and flexibility, Skyscape can match any outfit, making it a great option for packing for long trips. For added convenience, Skyscape is also machine washable.

20 bloggers recently took their new Skyscapes for a spin. See what they thought and how they styled them. You could win a YourReebok Custom card to get your own pair!

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Reebok Skyscape Review and Giveaway

Reebok Skycape Review and Giveaway: "A shoe so lightweight and comfortable you'll forget you have them on!" Reebok Skyscapes are my favorite shoes to wear while running around town. The upper portion of the shoe features a foam material that is so soft and comfortable that half the time I forget I am wearing them. My favorite aspect is the design of the shoe itself which is so flexible I didn't even need to break them in the first time I wore them....more