Reflecting on our special moments

Sometimes we just need to reflect on our lives before we decide to dive in and write.

The last few days have kind of been a quiet time for me to reflect.  My mother's anniversary of her death was today.  I guess I just needed some naps and time to relax and think about her.  It's been eleven years.

I went and wrote one post about her on my blog today.  I was originally planning on blogging all day about her.  Then, I found myself in a two hour drive back from my boyfriend's house and half way home, I realized today was her anniversary.

Even though it has been eleven years, it still doesn't seem possible that she is in the ground and not up above with us.  Life isn't fair sometimes.  I don't think God was thinking with his brain when he made it so we all have to someday die.  Couldn't he have just let us live forever?  That would have been nice.

If my mom was alive today, she would be in her early sixties.  She was a blast.  I was very lucky to have her for about thirty three years.

Some moms die really young and their kids don't remember them if they are too little.

So, I just decided to write one post today.  I just was tired over a busy weekend I think.  We had a double girls birthday party and family visiting.  Was a lot of fun, but I think I needed to catch up on my sleep.

Jennifer Jo Fay

June 26, 2012


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