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Okay, after my rant about Elizabeth What's-her-name having to go to Bali to find herself (eat,love,pray) I feel sort of silly and a little guilty talking about my reflections. I have a special place to reflect. The place is part of what happened this year.

This year has been the best of times and the worst of times. Worst because I needed to quit my job, for health and sanity reasons, and the best because of what's come out of it. This place is one of those things.

It's not just my place, I share it with a lot of other family members. But when I entered a state of self-directed employment (i.e. no income and no health insurance) I would go here early in the morning and sit on the dock and think, or do yoga, or just nap.

I reflected on the year here, seeing that it really had been pretty good, and that it still had and has great potential to be wonderful.

Reflection here, upon life and upon my situation led to seeing metaphors in the water and structures around me. The foot bridge was the connection between past life and the life to come, and this period of uncertainty was necessary to link the two. The dock was the point of decisions, will I leap or not? Will I sit and just think about taking that jump moment, or will I really let go of my fears and jump?

And the water. The water was me and the reflection of me. The me that I see, but which isn't exactly the true me.

From this vantage point I leapt. I moved to another state. I sent out feelers and obtained, albeit part-time, my dream job. I saw myself reflected in the faces of family who were happy I moved closer, who were encouraged  by my quitting my job, who showed me how much they cared with their support of my jump moment.

Occasionally I return to this haven of reflection, but now knowing that it was not a place, or a time, or even me that made the year what it was, but a confluence of all those things in a moment of reflection.


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