Refusing to Update: Why is it important to update software?


When it comes to computer programs, mobile apps, and web extensions and their time to update, a lot of people refuse to keep updating programs. I’ve seen it happen a lot. I for one update all my programs, apps, and all the other necessary stuff.

Many people don’t like updating because it either disrupts what they’re already doing with the program, it takes too long, and the most popular, I just updated this program, why do I need to do it again?

Often times most people don’t realize that these updates are meant to help you and fix bugs. Even the most minor bug need to be fixed in order to keep everything working fine. And all great programmers and app developers make sure to fix each and every one. Programmers use the updated feedback to continue improving their software and provide better service for all it’s users. Updating may take a while, but trust that it will help whether you see an improvement or not. I will admit, there have been cases in which updating an application has caused it to not work properly. When that happens, report it and the programmers will have an update ready soon. Updating is a good thing, it creates a learning process for programmers as well as better tools for it’s users. So, next time you see an update for a program, you know what to do. 

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