Reject Disposables, Keep the Cash

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Fabric Grocery Bags

Keep them in your car and make it a habit to bring them into the store with you. I keep an small one in my purse and use it at least four times per week, and since I get a nickel off my purchase whenever I use it, I estimate that it's saved me over 70 bajillion dollars so far. Just make sure to throw your bags through the wash every now and then, especially if you're buying meat.


Yes, we switch over to facial tissue when we're ill, but for those times when you get a runny nose from allergies, going from cold to warm or eating spicy food, hankies are fantastic. Buy them once and create no garbage? What's not to love?!


Image: Joanna Bourne via Flickr

Reusable Water Bottles/Coffee Mugs/Takeout Containers

Don't be that person whose drinking habits are filling our landfills. Bring your own water from home, hand your own coffee mug to the barista and tuck an empty container into your purse for your restaurant leftovers. Want to know a secret? I've noticed that I'll often get more coffee served in my reusable mug than if they'd used their paper cups.

Plastic Silverware

I brought home a couple handfuls of unattractive stainless steel flatware from a free swap a few years ago, and man, am I happy that I did! My family uses these forks, spoons and knives for our work and school lunches almost every day, yet we don't have to worry about losing an errant spoon or two. I love that we're not generating garbage from our meals, and frankly, I prefer the feel of metal in my mouth rather than plastic.

Do you have tips and tricks for avoiding disposable products? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

~Katy Wolk-Stanley

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”

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