Rejection is God's Protection

Rejection is God's Protection!    -Tia and Tamera Mowry

You know when I first heard this from these wise ladies, I wondered, "Why hasn't this dawn on me before?"

I mean, think about it, I said to myself. Like 'What about the time when you wanted a certain job, that wasn't right for you?' Or 'When you wanted that guy that was all wrong?' Or what about that camera that you bought on eBay three months ago and it never arrived?' (Going through the last one right now, by the way.)

These are things that went through my head. And I just kept wondering and wondering. And now, I realize that there have been many things that I wanted. That sometimes even after getting a close glimpse, I found out that that I didn't want those things anymore.  

I remember when I was sixteen and Mom told me, 'If you want to have yourself a little friend or something, you can. Just don't bring home a baby. I'm too busy to take care of it and Granny added, 'And I'm too Old! And Mom concluded with, "And you're too young!) But, they didn't have to worry about that coming from me. I've never changed a diaper for a baby before! 

Anyway, I said that I wanted a guy that the male version of me.  A guy that was raised in the church, who was low-key and quiet and who  loved to stay at home.  And much to my happiness, I found a guy just like that. But, unfortunately after getting to know him, I found that not only were we raised the same way, but that some of things that he agreed with, I didn't. And somehow, he began to irritate me. I don't understand it. This was the guy that I thought I wanted. He even had it down to dressing in nice suits, like I liked. But, it just didn't click. 

After that experience, I realized that what I thought that I always wanted, wasn't at all what I expected. And I didn't want it anymore. It just didn't have the feeling that I figured it would have. So, now I am mindful of that experience and I am learning to be more cautious. But, I think one of the best things that I learned from that experience, is to not have a type. 

It's almost the same as interracial relationships. I have guy friends. whom are black. And many of them say that they're not into any other race other than black women. But, there is always one woman of another race, that they could go for. Same goes for some black women that I'm friends with. They only want black guys, but there is a guy from another race that they could go for. This is how I feel about it. Stop saying that! Stop saying that you're not into this race or that race. People are People. There's good and bad in all races, just like people. There is no perfect person, race or political party. There's flaws in all of us. So, I think that being close minded, could cutting you off from that one true person that could potentially be the best thing that has ever happened to you. 

So, I have learned a lot, during the times when I'm getting a "No"! It's the Lord protecting me from something that could horrible for my life. But, there's another thing that I've learned about No. Just because you don't have it now, doesn't meant that you won't get what you want later. It just means, that you need time to get ready for it. You need time to prepare that way you'll be able to handle. 

When I first decided to start blogging, I was beyond nervous. One, because I didn't have anything to blog about and Two, because I thought that it wouldn't work out. But, when I first tried to do it, I couldn't figure out how. I googled stuff and still couldn't figure it out. Then one day, I sat down with my laptop and started here, with BlogHer. And I have been enjoying every minute of it. See, months ago wasn't the time. I needed to understand more about blogging and eriting, before starting a blog. 

So, sometimes, that road block is not Satan trying to stop us. Sometimes, it's the Lord protecting us, from things that are unforseen. Just like Joel Osteen said, "Sometimes you've got to go through a lot of "No's" before you can get your "Yes"!




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