Rejection Slips for Wallpaper

If you've seen one rejection, you've seen them all.

Not true. Just this week, I received a rejection within 24 hours of submission. Horrendous, you say. Not really. The story didn't meet with the magazine's needs. Of course, I could have spent more time going through the story, flipping back and forth to and from the guidelines for several hours. Since I didn't take that time, I was blessed to get a personal note from the editor who told me why the rejection was necessary, that he realy liked my writing, and that he'd be pleased to see more of my work.

The one that came the next day, wasn't personal or flattering, but send it's own message. Those poems will be going out again tomorrow.

Rejections can be such morale boosters. A couple of weeks ago I read an article by a writer who professed that rejections were the measure of success for a writer. If you didn't collect at least a few hundred in that first couple of years of writing, you couldn't possibly be serious about writing and wanting to be published, since rejections only go out to those who actually submit something to an editor.

When you stop to think about that particular reasoning, I'm doing great right now, but I'll be better at the end of this month. Right now,  I'm moving in on the 75 rejection slip marker. I'm going to try for at least 100 by June.

Within the next 26 days there should be at least one acceptance. Of course, for some of the submissions sent out, the response time is in months. I'll have to wait quite a while to discover the fate of those submission packets. In the meantime, I'll keep sending out more to other markets. 

For each rejection slip I feel a sense of success. I've made it through to the immediate finish line. I've taken the risk and put myself out there. The rejection proves that I was actively writing, submitting, and working toward publishing success.

Since there is a serious challenge afoot in my Author Platform group to submit at least one piece per day this month, I'll have plenty of opportunities to receive morale boosters. Each day those who've taken up the challenge post on the group page what we submitted and to whom. You'd be amazed how my friends hand out market possibilities like so many hard candies to sugar-hungry kids with sweet-tooths. 

I've decided on my market and my submission for today and will send it in soon. Maybe I won't get a rejection, but if I do, I still have plenty of room for more wallpaper beside my desk. Rejections make good wallpaper, as they allow me to reflect on my successes over time without having to go to the file cabinet.

Enjoy the submission process, the rejections that come, and the success that perseverence creates.


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