Rejoice! Portland Can Now Commute Artisanally, And Other News.

O joy of joys, wonder of wonders!  It’s the weekend again!  That pangelical time to visit friends, build frustrating things, nurse hangovers and catch up with all the incisive media you had missed all week.  Like these fair and balanced top stories.

  • Finally!  The under 30 commuter set of Portland will finally get to use the cupholders in their vintage Honda Cvcc’s thanks to these. (The Kitchn)
  • Now you can follow Unprofessional Cookery 24/7!  Subscribe to the blog for email updates (on the sidebar), follow us on Twitter and check out our Facebook Page!
  • Have you ever noticed that this woman is looking more and more like Elizabeth Taylor?  Anyways, she won’t be stealing your Twinkies anymore.  (The Daily)
  • And also a gift for the nonsighted. (International Business Times)
  • Japan likes food that’s considered normal by Midwestern standards.  (Japan Today)
  • We’re not sure if this exists or not, but it reminds us of Michael Myers in a weird way and that makes us happy.  (Jest)
  • “We admitted that our lives were powerless over Diet Coke, that our lives had become unmanageable.” (Oddity Central)
  • This story actually is only vaugely related to food, but it’s still interesting in a post-food way. (Gawker)

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