On a sandy shoreline I sit, staring out at the vastness while pondering life. Warm granules fill the spaces between my toes as I wiggle them. "So comforting" I think to myself as a smile plays upon my lips. Seductively whispering messages of love and promises, a gentle wind blows about my face. Unruly strands of red flutter, tickling my cheeks. "So comforting."

 Revisiting magical memories, rehashing major decisions, watching waves rolling in... rolling out; I breath deeply. Rhythmic. Inspiring, putting me in a much needed trance. I smile a real smile. "I feel you all around me" I say to no one in particular; but to someone all the same. Salty air invades my sense of smell, layering my skin and I'm fine with this.

 I fill my mind opening and transforming all at once. Words, pictures, dialogue set free... circling me. Broadening in front of my eyes. Clearly I see my life before me hanging above the ocean waters like a silent picture show. I realize, a little surprised, how good it has played out. I reach out to get a tactical sense of what I'm seeing, but I'm left grasping air; hand waving in the breeze. I sit frozen in the moment contemplating when a sparrow perches upon my finger. Ruffling soft, shiny feathers she looks at me as if wanting to relay a message. You sent her... you sent her to me. I laugh. I laugh so hard I begin to weep. A deep rooted sob escapes my lips as tears streak down my face.  A weight has been lifted.

 The sparrow calls out to me speaking in high pitched tones. Telling me it will be O.K with her sweet bird song. "No worries" she sings. I listen and I understand.

 "I'm glad to have met you" I say to the sparrow. As if she was responding, she stretched out her wings and ascended into the air. I watch as she flies away into the emblazoned sky."Thank you" I whisper.

 Raw feelings, doubt, and stress roll out with the tide. A new found knowledge present; confidence restored. Achieving what I've come for, I stand to go. Scanning the ocean once more, I store a picture of peace and perfection in my memory bank. Nature has healed me. Nature... and you.




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