Relax Your Mind: Meditate

Meditation is something that I instantly shot down whenever I heard about it. I was judgmental and entirely too reliant and trustworthy of traditional medicine.

But there came a time when I woke up. I’m not sure why it happened, but I realized that this roller coaster ride of starting and stopping medications all the time just wasn’t going to work any longer.

People who suffer from misophonia can all agree that it is an uncontrollable rage that happens instantly. You feel like there is absolutely no time from when someone does something to trigger your misophonia before you become manic.

So you may think that meditating will have no impact or lessen the intensity of your triggers at all. I mean, how can something so simple have such an impact on my health?

Here’s how:

If you practice meditation frequently, you are strengthening your mind. You are creating an opportunity for your brain to free itself and relax. Our bodies need rest. Why wouldn’t our minds?

When I first began meditating, I will admit: I felt silly. I felt like my imagination was working, which made me feel childish. The fact that I felt like I shouldn’t use my imagination anymore was an instant indication of how much I needed meditation in my life.

So how do you meditate?

Meditating isn’t hard and there are no tricks. Just don’t think about anything. Close your eyes, breathe, and get lost in the darkness. It’s as simple as watching water flow.


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