Release. Trust. Show Up.

Affirmations don't work very well for me. I have tried them in the past, the "I am a loveable person" or "I am perfect as I am" types of phrases meant to boost our self-confidence and lessen anxiety, if we just say them to ourselves often enough.

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Some research suggests that affirmations perhaps don't work well in general, at least not for everyone and especially not for people with low-self-esteem. For people who already have a low opinion of themselves, saying "I am perfect as I am" only serves as a reminder of the reasons they are not perfect, making them feel even worse.

My self-esteem certainly fluctuates from day to day, as I think it does for everyone, but I don't think it is particularly low. For me, the problem with most affirmations is that they feel fake, inauthentic. It's not that I don't feel loveable; it's that saying "I am a loveable person" makes me feel odd. It's not how I would talk.

What does work for me is to have some short, encouraging reminders to think to myself throughout the day--and especially before I go to sleep and when I wake up--of whatever I am working on in terms of personal growth. These aren't canned phrases that I get from a book (although I'm sure they are in a list somewhere, since they address needs that we all share). They evolve from and serve my own particular goals and needs. The purpose is to keep me focused on what I believe is important, to keep myself grounded, to avoid being swept up in the crazy distractions of everyday life.

I have three such mantras for 2014, and, nearly two weeks into the year, I can say that they are definitely helping me from sliding back into old habits of thought:

RELEASE what no longer works.

TRUST that all shall be well.

SHOW UP for my own life.

What DIY mantras work for you?


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