Releasing Toxic Thoughts

It is time to release the toxic thoughts that swirl in your mind. It keeps you from moving forward on your path. It is dangerous to hold on to these thoughts like a miser holds on to his valuables. These are not valuable to you. They are not worth anything but continued worries. Although some worries are good for you. Those that help you to plan your future, but the wordless and impractical mind games that you play is destructive. It is time to stop and move forward. You can trick your mind to do anything. It is up to you to release what is truly not yours. Today, clear your mind of the useless chatter that is within. Be of no thought, but joy. You have this day to accomplish and achieve what you want out of life. Do not waste another minute in a poor mood. Be happy that you have the tenacity to do much in your life.


Sometimes our head seems separated from all else...


(When I get overwhelmed, I don't categorize my thoughts as toxic or not. My mind just gets cluttered with junk. Although each thought seems important, it gets to a point when they begin to chip away my confidence. It's messages like this that makes me take a deep breathe and know that all this worrying is not going to do me any good and it's ruining my day. Today, I'm going to release my worries to the universe and I'm going to go outside and play.)


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