Releasing unnecessary fear to live free!

Fear is the most controlling emotion that is build deep into our being. Fear is important for our survival, the uneasy feeling as you walk down a dark strange street alone, keeps us aware of danger so we can be prepared. Fear in a dangerous situation is necessary. When fear spills over into every aspect of your life - irrational fear - that is the emotion that takes control of our lives preventing us from living free. Freely embracing all that shows up in your life with out fear which negatively stops you from being your true self unleashes pure power.  That blazing power that we all posses deep in our true self - that I can bend steel with my mine power- is available to all when we let go of irrational fears. 


We often comment when watching young children how free and innocent they are.  They have not been conditioned, sometimes rightly, but many times with incorrect fears about what they can and can't do.  We pass along with our good intentions to protect our children our own irrational fears because we want the best for our children.  We want to spare them from the pain that we suffered in our lives.  This is a noble and good idea when we teach our children rational fears that will protect them, keep them save. Such as don't get into cars with strangers, look both ways before crossing the street, all tied to physical safety. It is when we instill, unintentionally, our own irrational fears in our children that we perpetuate the cycle of irrational fears that can live with us our whole life.  


When we attach judgement to fear, that you can't do something because this or that will happen, fear becomes a controlling emotion that rules your actions preventing you from being the best that you can be. Recognizing irrational fears that serve no purpose, add no benefit to our lives, then releasing these fears from our true self creates the path to live free. Don't listen to that little nagging voice in your ear telling you that you can't because.... Banish that controlling voice forever from your life which is really just irrational fears that you have picked up during you life. Realize they have never nor will they ever serve to enrich your life, just the opposite. 

Live free of fear. Free to be the best, free to reach our goals, free to experience unlimited possibilities, free to live the life we are meant to live!


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