The Relief of Getting Over Myself

Dear All:

With the garden as happy as can be this Summer, is there any way to control our emotions when our loved ones may not be loving and kind towards us? I am the nicest person in the world when things are going my way. If we can lose our self importance (ego) with everybody & everything, we may just get some relief from ourselves. Yahoo!

So, if I do not react when loved ones 1) listen to me with judgment 2) say something of unbearable truth to me (but its true) 3) talk instead of listen 4) display unfavorable actions that I may not agree with 5) share something unfavorable that someone else said 6) withhold info that I am "attaching to" 7) shout at me 8) do not do what I have asked them to do 9) have passive aggressive tendencies towards me 10) cannot look within, then I am Getting Over Myself, and what a relief it is, right? Yahoo! Tweet I Got Over Myself today, what a relief! If I let go of my ego today, I'm good to go. As April's flowers sip one rain drop at a time, and as we monitor the Fracking bills being passed/not passed in Congress (via Social Media) and while totally Getting Over Ourselves even when others throw their ego bullshit our way, nothing can go that wrong right?

With Love and Sincerely,


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