For you to understand my ideas you must first know:

  • I love blogs written by Mormons and admire Mormon Bloggers.
  • I live in Venezuela, where three main religions exist, Catholic, Christian and Jehovah Witness.
  • My father’s side is a very flakey Catholic Type and my mother’s Canadian side is Protestant.
  • I don’t know what Protestant stand for; I assume it Jesus Crist too.
  • I’m a late baptized Catholic and I also took my communion.
  • So probably you are confused by now? I will explain…

I wasn’t really raised in a religious environment, I was baptized when I was11 years old which is rare here (you get baptized shortly after birth), because of my grandmother from my father’s side insistence and also took my communion at twelve because my school arraigned it (and I really what to wear the pretty dress and go to afternoon school with my friends). My mother agreed in case I got older and wanted to marry here. My mom is a Protestant but that really does not exist here, and she is no really a religious fanatic either.

So from young age I never believe much in God, don’t know if it is because of a lack of my family encoring me to be religious or just because it seems unrealistic to me. Yes a God in the sky or where ever he is supposed to be seems unrealistic and illogical to me… I think really hard a controlling God that play or lives like a chess game and we are the peons, seems like a joke to me. Or what you use to threaten children in to doing what you want, like: if you don’t be good Santa won’t bring you presents. Just like that is religion and churches, if you don’t do what we say you won’t get saved, you will go to HELL! Oh really? And I I’m a good little sheep and obey, I get a fictional afterlife? Maybe… Nobody can say for sure.

Is it not clear that the Bible and other scripts were written by People!!! And us people sometimes are confused and take things out of context, so it’s hard for me to believe and follow blindly other people no better o no worse than me. So basically religion for me and I bet many others are a lucrative lie... Just my thought, I don’t disrespect the believers. Everybody is allowed to choose their path. I chose mine.

Although I don’t support many of the different regions believes, like the following examples:

  • If you don’t do all that we say you won’t go to heaven part.
  • Only the true Christians go to heaven. (There is only one true religion and only one life path).
  • Only heterosexual couples are valid (And no I’m not gay)
  • If you get married it’s for life even if you made a big mistake and the guy is a bad man.
  • Women should only wear skirts, and vanity is bad. (No haircuts, no makeup, nail polish or hair color).
  • Even some religions reject blood transfusions for their dying family.
  • Mormons special underwear.
  • Not questioning religion.
  • Etc.

Of course, most of my examples apply to the extremist believers.

Going back to the fact that I admire the Mormon bloggers, as I didn’t or still don’t know much about the religion, I decided to google about it and even looked for articles here in blogher to get a perspective. Well I may say they also have extremist believes as other religions if not more than them. But I also found not so fanatic Mormons. But I also realized why I admire Mormon women, they are strong and have the best family values and I admire it, they marry working and kind men, and just are nice in general.

So I must say:

Well I still don’t believe in God or in Jesus Christ or any other Saints. Sorry for whom I have disappointed.

But I have found that besides not being a believer in the main principal of religion (GOD), I do believe in some of the social and cultural teaching they apply, mostly of the Mormons. For example:

Don’t harm, don’t kill, don’t steal, I believe in being a good person, in helping others, in being kind to animals.

But I believe in this because it’s right to me in my heart and in my mind. Not because I will get salvation, o to get good things back, or because if I don’t a god will punish me, and that’s what’s more important to me.

I am a good person because I want to, not because I’m told so.



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