Religion in the Workplace

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Here's a teaser: 

Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued a new Compliance Manual regarding religious discrimination in the workplace. The press release states,

Religious discrimination charge filings with the EEOC nationwide have risen substantially over the past 15 years, doubling from 1,388 in Fiscal Year 1992 to a record level of 2,880 in FY 2007.

Do we have a rising problem with religious intolerance in the workplace or are more employees standing up for their rights? Both forces could be at work, but I feel that the biggest problem in the workplace is not religious indifference or tolerance. 

The biggest problem in the workplace is people.

  • People, like the Christian fertility doctors who refused to artificiality inseminate their lesbian patient due to their “religious beliefs”.
  • People, like Yellow Book employee Tammy Powell who sued her employer because a co-worker discussed religion at work and had religious quotes posted in her cubicle.

People of all races, ages, genders, religions and book club memberships can’t seem to shut their yaps, focus on work, and get their jobs done without making life miserable for at least one other person in the office.

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