The other night I had this dream I surly wouldn’t call it strange but the event was wired.

My brother in law Earl, some of female unknown to me, and I. We all decided about 9:30 to go to the Sunday service at the gardenia center.
We all took separate rigs Earl drove a little compact car with a 5 speed in it, the lady who we didn’t know drove a maroon color car from the 40’s and I had my Mazda.

As we drove we end up at the farmers market in Spokane on East Sprague. The unknown woman and I went into the farmer market and she bought some type of fruit and went out side and went into her car.

There was this gentleman who worked at market that gave me a box of tomatoes. I walk out and Earl ask me come and sit in his car that we want to ask me something.

But I had to tell him about the market I was just in. “ My parents sold there berries here and when I was a little girl every so often I would go with my dad here and they always gave me some fruit or vegetables and I wonder if they remember me from years ago”. Earl didn’t say word.

He handed me this cruise ship pamphlet that been step on and looked a little warn and ask me to sign it and I ask him. And he replied, ”I need some one to sign me off “ and I sign the pamphlet and then earl got out of his car and got into the unknown lady car and drove off.

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