Remembering the Details

This is me, honest and highlarious and more times than not, inappropriate. You don't have to read this blog. You don't have to follow me on any social media outlets. But to those who have decided to stick with me throughout the craziness, because Lord knows there's a lot of crazy here, I appreciate y'all so much. It actually does take a lot to pour your heart out on a blog for everyone to read. It can be downright exhausting. But the support and encouragement far outweighs the negative things. I am so grateful for my readers! Y'all are amazing!

Okay. Enough of the sap. In other news, my sister came over last night to announce her engagement! I'm so excited for her! Let me remind you that this is the same sister that had my nephew before I was pregnant. I bawled when I found out she was expecting because I had been married for three years and well you know..was ready for that step. So after she had B, two months later I was pregnant! Soo let's where I am after they get married LOL.

But really, I am so excited for her! C is in the Navy so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will get to stay here in Jax and not be shipped somewhere else. Wee!

Speaking of babies, here is a Kinsley update!

I can't believe she will be two in just a month. I always laughed at others who said "the days just fly by", "where does the time go?", or my favorite, "Where is my baby?". But now that I have my own baby, I know exactly what they meant. Where DID the time go?! How is she speaking in FULL sentences already?! How does she understand everything and knows how to spell and do things on her own? I could not be more proud of my baby girl with how advanced she is. Not even two and I can already tell that I'll have teachers calling me for sure. Maybe not in a good way ha!

We are working on potty training and she has done really well so far. She knows how to use both utensils and drink from a regular cup. When we ask her to put her things away before getting another toy out she does it. Sometimes she puts herself in timeout ha! That's the best. It's hilarious. She talks in full sentences and is so sassy I can't even begin to explain. This is something I need to capture on video because y'all just won't believe me! Her facial expressions are awesome! I'm so proud.

I know that's random but I want to remember every detail! She really is growing up so fast. I don't know how I'm going to remember it all.

OBS people: Chapter 3 is coming up! I really want to encourage y'all to comment and share!

Happy Thursday Y'all!

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