Remembering Finley


Today, I want to share a journal entry I made over at Babycentre while I was pregnant. I had the best of intentions to try and keep a pregnancy journal, but it just never happened. I so wish that I had now. This is the only entry I ever made.


So today I am 11 weeks pregnant, and while each day has seemed like an eternity, it's actually gone by pretty quickly since I found out just over 6 weeks ago. Today I am feeling as sick as can be. I am disappointed about this, as I had been feeling quite good for nearly a week. Really fed up with not enjoying this pregnancy and being able to get out and about and enjoy this beautiful country. We have our 12 week scan next Tuesday, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how much our bean has grown. The difference between 7+1 and 9+1 was amazing, so I expect that at 12+1 I will be seeing a proper little baby. I'm gutted DH can't make it, but he will love to see the photos. I can tell he's really excited about becoming a dad. Once we see everything is ok at the 12 week scan, we will start buying some of the baby things we need, though a lot of the buying will have to wait til the 20 week scan when we find out the sex. I'm starting to feel more at home here in Naples...


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Finley Arthur Sissons 23/03/2012 - 26/03/2012


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