Remembering your first born ~ A few moments to always treasure

Remembering what the sound of a single pair of little bare feet running across the linoleum floor is close to impossible to do now that I have three pairs doing what seems like laps around me all day long. Yet, your memory singes a select number of moments from your first-born child into you heart and brain forever. For instance, being locked eye to eye in absolute awe of who you are now responsible for forever. The innocence of not only the newborn baby but the newborn mother. I define a newborn mother as a women who has never known true love until that very second, a women who once dreamed her journey up the corporate ladder was one of the most gratifying experiences of her life, a women who measured her riches in life as material items. Give or take a few of these raw definitions, if you’re a mother you will know exactly what I am speaking of. Example number two would come shortly after that initial glance, when your changing the first #2 diaper in the hospital. Your afraid to break your baby arranging their legs so cautiously and then you have to rub so hard to get that black tar like substance off that you just give in and use 20 wipes with little to no pressure. After all we don’t want to irritate the bottom before their first birthday:)

We can then move on to their first day of school and cherish that first goodbye tear welling in each of your eyes. This along with the thought in the back of your mind saying “do they really have to go to school?” and then the next thought is “what will I do without them all day?” preceded by “Im FREE” and a little happy dance to go along with the beat of the school bell. Before you know it comes their first dance. My first-born being a girl makes this memory one of excitement and anticipation. It build and builds so much that  I find myself chaperoning despite her requests to have me out of sight, I serve refreshments to her classmates. I had so much fun  the beat of the music was flowing through me so intensely I had to mentally picture my feet were stuck in cement so I wouldn’t bust a move to the next bumping song that started to play. Abstaining from having every middle school kid out there become completely jealous and infatuated with my moves I stood my ground at the snack corner. Glancing across the room at my daughter laughing and dancing  with her friends took me back to when I was her age and how much I enjoyed these school events. Was it really that long ago?

I am completely astonished how fast time flies after you have your first child. I find myself now with three wonderfully individual children who continue to create memories to last my life time, but I thank God for my first-borns memories that can not be duplicated or experienced again. Sure, I will have 2 more first days of school, 2 more first dances, but the feelings created by your first-born are in a class all by itself.