The “Remote” Thursday Shoe Shot

BlogHer Original Post

This Thursday’s shoe shot has presented some challenges; part of the Events team is on vacation, some of us are travelling for business, and the rest are holding down the fort at BlogHer headquarters.

Yup, we're separated by three time zones, but we refuse to let silly things like geography get in our way! In fact, our situation offers up the perfect opportunity not only to connect virtually via our shoe-love but also to invite new participants into the mix. Since I’m working from BlogHer’s NY office this week, I’ve asked our digital team to play along.

While I'm snapping a picture of the NY staff, the rest of the Events team will document their Thursday shoes as usual. Only this week, we’ll “stitch” all the shots together as one from each of our various locales. 

Let's see how this plays out...


Edited to add Lori's feet, also on vacation!

Please join along in our patchwork quilt of remote Thursday shoes. And don’t forget to hashtag #BlogHerLovesShoes! Or you can join in on the Tumblr fun: BlogHerLovesShoes. See you next week!


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