Removing the C-word from your vocabulary



You can do anything you want.

Short of ceasing to breathe, eat or drink, you can take just about any course of action you desire and still wake up a living human being tomorrow.

Nothing is physically forcing you to engage in an activity in which you’d rather not be engaged.

So “I can’t”? Doesn’t really exist.

Which is why when I hear “you can’t” (from someone else, or from my own mind), I get pretty riled up.

Because, guys? It all comes down to priorities.

“Oh, you can’t eat this candy bar. It’s got milk in it.”

Um, no. I choose not to eat that candy bar because a) my body deserves to be fed real food, not something from a factory line, and b) the way milk is produced is gross + depressing + all-around bad-karma-generating.

“Ugh, I just want to bask in this patch of sunlight on my bed a little longer, but I can’t because I have to go to work.”

Correction: I just want to bask in this patch of sunlight on my bed a little longer, but I choose to go to work to a) maintain my independence (because being independent rules) and b) save for fun secret future endeavors.

“I can’t take one more minute of this relationship. I just can’t handle the emotional drain/responsibility/time suck.”

Well, actually: this relationship is severely detracting from my quality of life. I can either choose to keep it going, or I can reflect on the gentlest way to change/end it for the sake of my sanity and happiness.”


It’s Chinese New Year over here, y’all. And in the vaguely-related spirit of new beginnings, I’m declaring this week Official Can’t-Free Week. This week, there are no “can’t”s. There are no “have to”s.

There are only “I choose to”s, “I want to”s and “I will”s.

What will you choose to do this week? And why are you making that choice?


This post originally appeared on Eat Well. Party Hard.


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