Renew With a Girlfriends Weekend

I just had the Best. Weekend. Ever.  I hosted my annual Spinsterlicious Girlfriends Weekend at my house in Long Island.  Thirteen of my favorite friends came from near (NYC), far (San Francisco), and in between (Washington, DC) to hang out for the weekend, eat great food, drink good drinks, bond, laugh, share stories, and just have a grand old time.  It was inspiring and just plain old fun.


If you’re feeling like you want a little relaxation, some inspiration, and a lot of fun without spending a whole lot of money, consider a weekend getaway with a few (or a lot) of friends.  We were a group of spinsters, single mothers, married women with children, and divorcees…but we were all Spinsterlicious that weekend! Here’s how I did it:


  • Make a list of women you know and like.  Consider a range of ages and lifestages.  Having a good mixture keeps it interesting.  My guests ranged in age from 35 – 65.  As I made my list of invitees, I made sure to include a range of personalities…then I went back over the list and crossed off the drama queens.  There’s no room for manufactured drama at my Girlfriends Weekend, so a few women I like but have a tendency to ‘stir things up’ didn’t make the cut.  Read more:






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