Renos - I Hate You, I Love You

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We are coming to an end of our very long Reno….ugggggh

The Reasons Why I HATE Renovations:

Children finger painting on the furniture with the drywall dust.


I I don't have to explain this one.


We lived like this for months and months and months and months and months......


Things were shoved from here to there, where is my hat? ....My underwear?!



There is no where to sit or eat or play....just FIGHT!


The Reasons Why I LOVE Renovations:


Making our vision into a reality (Don't look at the piles of construction wood in the fireplace - it'll ruin the dream..LOL)


Gaining confidence because we learned how to do new things (all because we were too cheap to hire someone)


Being incredibly proud of my husband for his patience and hard work and because, together, we turned a shit hole into a home we're proud of!!


 Now…. onto the next project………..

(Have you survived a reno?  I’d be interested in hearing about it!)


Cathy writes about her "Adventures of a Hobby Farmer" and cooks up some award winning grub at


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