renovations... of the heart?

renovationsnew floors are coming! we are underway. lots of mess everywhere. we don't have a garage, so we have shoved everything we own into our little attic and into our girls' bedrooms. it is tight, it is irritating, and it is not fun! renovations while we are sitting here totally upside down (i can't tell you where you could find a pen and i certainly would freak out if there were an emergency in this chaos) i realized it's not too different than renovations of the heart. we have to get messy before we can make ourselves beautiful inside or out.

take for instance the salon - look at the lady with the strips of tin foil in her hair - not her best look, but when she's done she has the highlights she has wanted and she looks beautiful. when we work on our hearts and souls we have to face the clutter, the mess, the ugly, and deal with it, process it, ask for forgiveness, grow, pray, learn how to do things better next time, clear out, clean up, and breathe. all is beautiful. renovations we cannot highlight our hair or redo our homes or grow in our relationships or spiritually without first making a big, huge mess! renovationsremember my office? renovations when things are upside down for you it's time to face the mess, make some decisions, grow, and create something beautiful!!! renovations i hope to have the "after" as soon as possible so i can share it with you :)



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