10 Things You Need to Learn About Cleveland Before the 2016 Republican National Convention

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10. Friendliest city you may ever encounter

Inane lists of what not to miss, and what to miss, will be coming our way over the next two years. But so far one thing I've yet to see on any litany is a remark about how friendly people here are. It's the reason I chose to move here.

My first visit to Cleveland happened on the most typical grey winter day and I got lost on an insufferably ordinary, seemingly endless east-west thoroughfare. I couldn't get over how flat it was (compared to New Haven, CT - which isn't exactly mountaneous) and how many American cars there were. But everyone was so.nice. Uniquely and noticeably. And this is something that you still hear people say.

On top of that, every friend and relative I've had visit me here over the last 25 years has loved it here. Sure, to visit. Sure, because I put on good parties. But ultimately, it's been the city and the region that's done the selling.

Now, if you ask me, the real gold ring for convention selections will always belong to BlogHer. So I'm not writing up this primer for nothing. But either way - I'll be leaving the light on and the fridge stocked in June and July of 2016. I look forward to hosting some of you.


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