Requiem for Captain Jack

Western Pond TurtleGo ahead and add it to my resume, along with "struggling novice winemaker": "Proprietor: Turtle Sanctuary". There is only one freshwater turtle native to California, the Western Pond Turtle. Once found from Western Canada down to Baja, Mexico, a taste for turtle soup back in Victorian days and, more recently, the introduction of the non-native Red Slider Turtle (the kind sold in pet stores) has lead to the Western Pond Turtle's drastic decline. In May 2002, the Canadian Species at Risk Act listed the Western Pond Turtle as being extinct in Canada. There are only isolated pockets of them in Washington and they are almost gone from Oregon. They are headed that way in California, under pressure from aggressive introduced species like the Red Slider and Bullfrogs. So we were thrilled, that through a naturalist connection of John the Baptist's, we were allowed to host three rescued Western Pond Turtles in Lake Charles.

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