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Wearing Top Paws
Owner: Sara Colodner 

Jersey, our rescue Weimaraner, is truly a special presence in our lives. We adopted her at the age of 6 months and shortly thereafter she proceeded to eat our couches, coffee table and rugs, but we still never looked back. This was truly a small price to pay for the joy she has given us over the past 4 years. With patience and persistence, exercise and training she morphed into the world's sweetest and most laid back dog (well, inside the apartment anyway...) Her silly antics and sweet face never fail to make me smile when I walk through the door after a hard day, and when all 60lbs of her are, somehow, strategically in my lap looking for a snuggle or a kiss, I know we made the right decision. I hope anyone considering a dog will consider rescue, there is no greater gift to yourself or a dog in need than a wonderful, safe home.

Credit Image: Danielle Tsi




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