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Have you or anyone you know made decisions about multiple fetal gestations?
Dr. Anita Catlin, a perinatal ethics researcher, is conducting a study to investigate the lives and decision making of women who become pregnant with multiple fetuses as a result of reproductive interventions. Catlin is particularly interested in how women make decisions whether or not to reduce high level multiple gestations to potentially healthier numbers. She would like to hear the circumstances of reduction and advice from women to the health care providers who cared for them during this critical time. This action research will bring the words and ideas of women to assisted reproduction physicians for the purpose of developing appropriate protocols for supported decision making regarding fetal reductions in multifetal gestation. Presently many families make these decisions privately and have no opportunity for debriefing or sharing bereavement if they have chosen to reduce. The National Perinatal Association is additionally interested in investigating high level multiple gestations in an effort to lessen the number of babies born prematurely in the United States. If you know of anyone who has considered doing fetal reduction after multiple embryo transfers or use of reproduction-assisting medication, the National Perinatal Association would like to hear from you.  Participants for interviewing are needed and are being solicited for the coming year.
Interviews will be conducted in the following locations and dates.

Additional locations can be added dependent upon responses.

Chicago August 1 and 2
San Francisco  August 7 and 8
Washington DC September 15
Minneapolis October 11
Louisville Kentucky October 19

The study has received approval from the Institutional Review Board of Sonoma State University, a support letter from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and funding from the National Perinatal Foundation and the Lambda Gamma Chapter of the International Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau. For more information, please contact Kristy Love, Administrator, National Perinatal Association at

Cara Sloth, Research Asistant, Sonoma State University


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