Reserve a time of rest to reflect ~

My Experience at one of my churches womens retreats… 

Warmth hugged my neck tightly, candles of all colors flickered all around in the dimly lit room, an intense aroma of lavender filled my nostrils as the hot fiery embers floated up and disappeared right beside me. Soft music played in the background as my hands were being massaged so gently with lotion as smooth as silk. A hand sewn quilt lays upon my lap while I lounge on a chair so comfortable I feel as if I am laying on a cloud, I breath in deeply and out slowly. A renewal of my soul was in the workings on this beautiful Saturday afternoon in this old rustic lodge. Large bladed hand saws hung highly in the sturdy beams above the fire, symbolizing the cross, and reminding me of his sacrifice. Women of all ages and walks encompassing me in a moment of silent daydream that only bring you closer to each other by speaking not even a single word . A log burning violently beside me intrigues my mind and mezmorizes my eyes as it dissipates to ash so quickly. Deep in relaxation and thought I cannot help but appreciate this moment God has reserved just for me. My journey is a long one, my path is clear, my heart is willing. Change in my life is ongoing to make over my heart and soul, sacrifice and suffering is a requirement, not an option. My ultimate makeover will happen in Heaven, but for now I will work on the pieces of it one at a time, every moment of my life, mistake after mistake, asking forgiveness along the way, perfection only in sight once I meet my Lord for the ultimate reward. Whole-heartedly I want this, failure is not an option.


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