Resolutions Schmesolutions!

The University of Scranton released a study indicating that losing weight is the #1 New Year’s resolution for 2014. However, the same study reveals that only 8% achieve their resolutions. I asked Chérie Lynn Jackson, CCH, CCT, RM, and Consulting Hypnotist (, for some insight as to why that is, and here is what she had to say:

“Well, it’s hard to start resolutions in January, right after the holidays. The holidays can be very stressful for many people. There is financial and family stress, and if that wasn’t enough there is over-indulgence of food and alcohol which may be problematic for some. Trying to resolve anything new after dealing with all of this, is just plain hard.”

“Starting resolutions in March, after the long, dark days of winter may be the answer to success. Manifesting any personal goal starts with vision. Vision leads to daydreaming and daydreaming leads to an emotional response. The more you love your vision and daydream it along with positive emotion or excitement, the faster it will manifest.”

“The cycles of nature are more integral to our lifestyles and overall health than we can imagine. January is a peaceful month where Mother Nature rests and stores nutrients for the growth season ahead. Why not make resolutions or better yet just hold the vision of being the best that we can be through kindness and compassion for ourselves and others and let the natural cycles of resting, rejuvenation and perfect self-expression take hold in their own natural time.”

“March is the beginning of renewed energy in nature and ourselves, and is the logical time to flow along side of Mother Nature to begin to bring our dreams and desires to fruition. Patience is key and trust that all our heart’s desires come in the right place at the right time. In the meantime, take a break, love yourself and dream your life into reality,” concludes Cherie.

It makes sense considering how I usually feel right before Spring. Optimistic and thankful that the long, dreary winter days are over. It’s also easier to get outside and start a walking or running routine, and that is part of the prescription for diet success. Eating right will only take you so far, but exercise will truly help to burn fat.

Moral of this Blog Post: Be kind to your self. Allow yourself some time to hibernate, to dream of your goals and envision success. Always start something when you are in it 110%!

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