Resolve to Keep Your Home and Family Safe in 2014

The home should be the safest place for you and your family. So instead of making personal new year’s resolutions you really can’t keep, focus on implementing new rules about home and family safety. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe from accidents, fire, and theft


Child Safety

If you have little ones at home, make sure to keep hazardous materials like cleaning materials and medications out of their reach and behind locked cabinet doors. Skin contact or ingestion to these materials can be fatal for young kids.

Another rule is to protect children from pointy furniture edges. You can buy furniture padding and put them on pieces with sharp edges or simply keep your children out of the living room. You can allow them to roam freely and play inside their child-proof rooms.

As for windows, put window guards to prevent toddlers from falling out of the windows. Just make sure the window guards have a quick-release feature in case of fire.

Lastly, if you have a pool at home, fence it with child-safety locks. You wouldn’t want you child wandering near the pool without parental supervision.


Fire Safety

This year, install smoke alarm and fire sprinklers to keep your family safe. Make sure that they are functional. Consider getting smoke detectors that are wired straight to the alarm system, so that you can focus on keeping your kids safe and leave the rest to the rescue workers from the alarm monitoring company in case of fire.

Spend time to discuss fire safety with your family members as well. Talk about the importance of using appliances wisely and avoiding overloaded circuits. It is also best to discuss an escape plan in case of a fire emergency.


Safety against theft

Burglars are getting better and better at executing flawless operations. To protect your family against theft, make sure every door has a sturdy dead bolt. Keep doors shut and locked from the inside and tell your children not to open to door to strangers, even those posing as relatives.

Installing a safety camera is also a good option. This allows you to see any unusual activity in specific areas of the house. You can choose hidden cameras so that the thieves won’t know they’re being watched.

Apart from that, don’t make your home look deserted when you’re out on a holiday. Have a neighbor check your home periodically to remove mail and the delivered newspapers.


Online Safety

In today’s world, computers have become a part of our everyday lives. From social media accounts to online purchasing, a lot of daily activities rely on the Internet. While transacting over the Internet has a lot of advantages, it also has a lot of disadvantages, especially if you’re not careful.

Many criminals use the Internet to hack into your personal accounts and steal your identity. Others get close to your children through social media profiles but have bad motives in reality.

Discuss among your family members and come up with rules on staying safe online. The basic online safety tips involve not revealing too much information and checking if the website you are browsing is secure. Some sites automatically install malware and copy sensitive information on your computer.


Consider Pre-paid legal plans

The tips mentioned earlier can reduce the risk of dangers, but can’t really assure an accident-free 2014. If an accident occurs, you must have a competent lawyer to back you up. Some lawyers come at very high hourly rates so it’s better to sign-up for pre-paid legal plans. Pre-paid plans from LegalShield allow you to talk to an attorney for a flat monthly fee. If interested, you can check LegalShield on Facebook for more promos and updates.



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