Resolved: To Stay Grey

A picture says a lot. A picture says nothing. It preserves a moment in time-but only on the visual level. It says nothing about motivation, intention, values, relationships, dreams. And, of course, it says everything about them.

Here is a photo of my sisters and me:

I'm the shortest, the youngest. It's a black and white photo, but we all had varying shades of blonde hair. This picture was probably taken around 1965.

Here is a photo from Thanksgiving of this year:

 I am on the right, still the youngest. But also the greyest! (Notice we have the same taste in eyewear!).

Nowadays when the three of us are out somewhere, I am always mistaken for the oldest. I am the tallest, true. I also don't wear makeup, which I know ages a woman more. However, it's the grey hair that is the most telling.

And yet, I'm not a-changing it. With each year that I age, my life has become richer, happier, more fulfilling. The hair is just a part of it. The part will stay grey.



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