The Responsibility Project at BlogHer '09


Liberty Mutual's Responsibility Project participated in the BlogHer 2009 conference and asked influential bloggers to share their opinions on responsible blogging and the proposed revisions to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines.

At the conference, The Responsibility Project brought to life an open forum for bloggers and other attendees to share their opinions and advice on responsible blogging by either filling out a survey or participating in an on-camera interview. Participants were asked questions on a range of responsible blogging topics including sponsored blog posts, the proposed FTC revisions and what's considered appropriate content to include on a blog.

Below are some of the compelling highlights:

  • 98 percent of surveyed bloggers believe it is acceptable to receive a free product
  • A majority of bloggers mentioned transparency, disclosure and honesty as key caveats to receiving free product and writing sponsored posts
  • 84 percent said honesty is a key trait of a responsible blogger, followed by transparency (66 percent) and reliable sources (56 percent)

The responses helped to spark an interesting and important discussion about blogging responsibly. Be sure to check out what these influential women had to say at /blogher/. You can also check out more of the survey results and links to all of the video interviews at

The Responsibility Project was created in 2008 by Liberty Mutual and uses entertainment content to create a forum for people to discuss personal acts of responsibility. Through short films and online content, The Responsibility Project is a catalyst for examining the decisions that confront people trying to "do the right thing." Please join the discussion online at