Rest In Peace Rehtaeh Parsons and the Conversation Too Late...

In the past, there were often stories in the news that would shake me to my core, leave me feeling helpless, disgusted and fearful for the world my children are being brought up in. I felt like I wanted to DO something. to SAY something, to grab a hold of humanity and give it a good hard shake. I may not have the widest reach in the world, the largest, most diverse demographic, but I have YOU. 

You're reading this and that's something.


The subject of rape, social media and teenage behaviour have been highlighted in the news since a story about a rape case in Steubenville Ohio broke out last August. 

I've watched, in disbelief, as the case caused debate over the definition of rape, fault of the victim, measure of guilt and numerous other aspects. All of which can be called nothing but disgusting distractions from the facts, the evidence and the horrible truth.

I'm from Canada and the thing about being Canadian is; that when horrible, newsworthy things happen in the U.S., we seem to collectively deliver the appropriate responses of shock, horror and remorse but secretly tell ourselves, "It wouldn't happen here," or "That kind of thing only happens in the States...". 

I'm not saying we're naive to the fact that young women are being assaulted here, that girls all over our nation are being tormented with photos, taunts and jeers, no we're well aware, we've all gone through high school. 

What I'm saying is that we've been shoving it under a rug, stuffing it behind lack of evidence, insufficient police work and lack of school intervention and now it's left a young girl dead and a nation with blood all over it's hands.


Here's where my blood is boiling, my hands are shaking and I can't type my words fast enough to get this post out.



This is the name of a young girl who, on Sunday, was taken off of life support after being rushed to hospital, found having hung herself. 

This young girl's story is hauntingly familiar, she went to a party, was assaulted by four boys, pictures were taken and then circulated. When she finally went to authorities, she was let down on so many levels it's enough to make you scream. For the months following the RAPE (which is what it was and I won't even give those boys the graciousness of saying allegedly), she was tormented by classmates, harassed and bullied to the point she had to leave her school. 

Courtesy The Globe and Mail

A similar case was in the news in 2010, where a 16 year old girl was brutally


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