Restaurant MUSTS on your Next Trip to Paris

So there I am, out for my first walk in Paris, standing by the Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries, the clear afternoon light glinting off the majestic buildings, and I totally burst into tears. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been to Paris since I was 20. Why was I missing out on so much pure beauty for the past 18 years? How could I forget?


And it also meant I have been missing out on a LOT of eating. Before I left San Francisco, I did a call out for recommendations, and proceeded to be deluged with a flurry of bistros, brasseries, boulangeries, and cafés that were all deemed “can’t miss.” It seems everyone has their own favorite Paris spots, holding those special qualities of whatever it is that means Paris to them. But to be honest, soon after I arrived, all I really wanted to do was walk around.


The light was incredible, the high clouds, the winding streets… I had a very limited two and a half days there, and didn’t want to spend each precious day running around the city on the metro and in cabs on culinary missions—I was more inspired.....(for the rest of this piece, including the list of restaurants I reviewed, click here) and for more on food/wine in Europe and Paris, go here.

Renee Blodgett

Founder, We Blog the World, Magic Sauce Media & Magic Sauce Photography