Why Restaurants Shouldn't Accept Food Stamps

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[Editor's Note: Reading The Headmistress's impassioned argument against restaurants accepting food stamps gave me pause. Initially I had a liberal knee-jerk reaction about her assumptions about those who need food stamps. Then I thought a bit and tried to tease out whether or not restaurants should be eligible for food stamps when they are actually a luxury line item in most people's budgets. I'm still not sure where I come down on this one. Check out her argument and weigh in! -Rita]

Restaurants Seeking to Accept Food Stamps

The government track record is wretched in all these areas. What makes us think they are any good at helping hungry people with useful, beneficial to them, long-term solutions?
I see how this benefits the restaurants, of course. Although their short term interest is long term stupid, because kids who grow up eating out on food stamps are not likely to grow up to be motivated employees of anybody, and those who have jobs will see their taxes continue to rise to pay for the government's costs in its ongoing efforts to create government dependents of us all.

restaurant sign accepting food stamps

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