Elizabeth 8/14 8:55 a.m.

Beyond comfortable. So true. Time is funny. So are memories. Some are gone and some are so clear in my head it's like they happened yesterday. You seem like a yesterday. What did you do for your 40th?

Andrew is a year older than me, his birthday on May 25th. And I have always thought of him on that day, wondered where he is.

Andrew 8/14 8:58 a.m.

Unfortunately there are a lot of memories between you and today that I'd rather forget, including some pretty awful birthdays. My 40th was one of the worst, the day I moved out of my marital home. Spent the day lugging boxes and setting up a new life. Ended up having a beer on my own that night. But knowing you're out there is making the memories seem a little more distant. Any big revelations, entering a new decade of your life? Feeling wiser?

Yeah, wiser does not describe how I feel. Hornier. Unfulfilled, though I tried my darnest with Miller, and I think he gave it his all too. Restless. That's it, restless.

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