Results of the 10-Day Low Carb Challenge

Well guys, we somehow managed to survive the 10-Day Low Carb Challenge. I don’t know how, but we did it.  Kind of...
Let me explain. 
There were actually several ways in which I cheated.  Actually, let’s call it fibbing, cause it makes me feel better about myself and my lack of self-control.  Yes, I fibbed in a few different ways as described in the following list, which may or may not be exhaustive: ¼ of a Jimmy John’s chocolate chip cookie, 1 coke with my taco salad at the local Mexican restaurant (it wasn’t even a Pepsi. I feel dirty), and multiple caramel-filled chocolate kisses left over from Thanksmas shared with C Puddins for each #2 potty success (I’m doin’ it for the kids, y’all). And I’m not sad about a single one of them.  Ok, a little sad, cause I’m a bit of a perfectionist and what with you guys doing this with me and all, I feel like I let you down a bit. 
The results were still pretty great.  I’ve been doing this diet for a while throughout the work-week, and then taking the weekend (mostly Saturday) off, so I knew what to expect.  And it was good.
Drum roll please...I went from 164.5 (up from my 162 lb. level due to Thanksmas. And chocolate) to...159 lbs.!!!  It may not seem like much, but for someone who has been hard at the weight loss thing for nearly 6 months now, this was a welcome change to the unending plateau I had been experiencing.
I would like to thank the academy and all the fans.  Wait, this wasn’t the Oscars?  Sorry. I would really like to thank Ms. K, trainer extraordinaire, for putting me in the hurt locker each and every week.  Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible, cause we all know I never would have made it to the gym two times a week or eaten nearly as many eggs.
I thought of you each and every time I had to carry a one-year-old up the stairs with my jell-o arms and I applaud your vigor with every ache and pain in my body.  I attribute my inability to sit down without falling into my chair to your amazing, muscle-crushing workouts.  Thanks (I think. And can I quit now? No? Ok.) 
So you wanna see a pic?  Well, this is me just before the hubmeister’s (yes, I just called him that) Christmas party for work.  It was a good night. (Check out the before pic. Yikes!)

And can we just talk about the shoes?  Be still my heart. And thank you Jessica Simpson for making this old hag feel like a rockstar for the night.

But really, all that matters to me is that I got my one and my five, plus some perks like a better fit in my jeans, having to put away some pants that are TOO BIG, and getting my wedding band back in it’s rightful place: with my engagement set on my finger! 
I am finally in the decade (150s) within which my goal weight resides. Now I just have to keep it! 

How did you guys fare the last 10 days?  Even if you just ate one less cookie at night (dear darling husband) I want to hear about it!