The Results of the DIY no-sew curtains and curtain rods

DIY Curtain Rods & 

No-Sew Curtains


There are tons of DIY curtain rod projects out there I searched on Pinterest and home decorating blogs to find the best one for mine needs. So if you have a lot of windows to do - like I did - or just an unusual sized window or whatever here is an easy and inexpensive DIY curtain rod tutorial.

This link will give you a list of the materials needed and the cost

This link will give you the DIY for the no-sew curtains - which I think are genius! 



I measured out the metal conduit to 4' for the windows and 6' for the two sets of french doors and hack sawed them and then spray painted them brushed nickel. I also spray painted the wooden knobs and used the double tipped screws (whatever they're called). I tried a variety of different objects to screw the knobs into the rods. Cork was too hard to cut, styrofoam for too messy and kept breaking apart. I ended up just taking a piece of paper and wadded it up and inserted it into the rod.

I still need to finish off some of the side hems today, but it's been so nice to have curtains that we can pull across the windows to block out the street lamps that have been shining into our living room for the pass ten years. Aaahhhh.....

So for less then $25 a window (I had seven windows and 2 sets of french doors) I was able to install custom curtain rods and curtains. Bargain!









This is the before look.... boring


This is the after look... 





I have a few more DIY projects in the works - more on them later. I'm trying to honor the spring break home with the kiddos so I've gotta' run.

Take care now,