Retire the "T" and please get dressed.

Cute as a button some are, and I too wear them. But for the love of our American Culture and Style, it is time to tuck that "T" in ladies. It's just not cute any longer. The thong is a throw back some 5 years or more ago. Something about the "T"  sticking way up the back as your shirt rides up screams you should have purchased a larger shirt size, or yer "T" is not positioned correctly in all areas.  "TUCK IT TIGHT" or simply go buy some real panty wear. Enough said on that.


Now lets get to the  pajama pants being worn out into public, (or is this just where I live)?, when did pajamas become a public fashion?  How is that even making a statement about yourself and who you are? When I see a person in pajamas I think wow did you even wash up?, or brush your teeth. Judgemental as it may be, you left the judgement door open when you decided to crawl out of bed and present yourself to the public from that moment on.  What ever happened to style? My style consist of (in case you were wondering), wash, brush my teeth, my hair and put on deodorant, then a clean pair of jeans a tee shirt or blouse. I'm dressed, (not up), just dressed, ready for the day until I retire to my p.j.'s for the evening. Not up for the day and take my pajamas with me, what's next?


Pillow cases for bad hair days?

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