Retirement Won't Make You Happy

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Who hasn't worked in an office and said (or heard) these words: "At least when I can finally retire then I will be happy." Besides the fact that saying this is wishing your very precious life away, it is a total myth. Retirement won't make you any happier than you are right now. It simply won't.

Hedonic well-being is the fleeting type of happiness you feel when you get upgraded to first class or the Giant’s win the World Series. It’s the euphoria you experience driving home after your last day of work en route to the first day of the rest or your life: retirement. That’s not the happiness to which I refer when I speak of happiness. In fact, the constant pursuit of hedonic well-being is part of the reason that people aren’t happier, and by happy I mean eudaimonic, I mean if that really is a word.

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Happiness in Retirement

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