Retreat? Defeat? Victory? Excuse me?

I am going to try to keep this one short so bear with me.  Please remind this twenty something.  Did we or did we not announce victory in iraq in 2005?  This is one Hell of a march home if you ask me.  So, you go in there, drag out a despot, and lo and behold, W, it turns out that daddy was right about Iraq.  He knew quite well that doing a war like this would mea that the uS would essentially have to "Rule" Iraq once Saddam was removed.  So, you claim the Iraquis need to have a stable government before we leave, and yet you let them laze about in putting it together, making it look like Iraq is some sort of college graduate lying around his overprotective mother's house until the age of Fourty.

Please, don't mollycoddle the boy, turn him out on his ear so he knows how hard democracy is, and how much accountability is required of and has to be allowed to its citizenry.  You have to let them go and take that great big leap.  If they fall into despotism, it is not our fault as liberators.  Yes Sadam was an evil man, and needed to go, but we can't continue to be involved in Iraq because all they're doing right now is fighting each other.  That's as it should be.  The colonists in the US fought each other quite bitterly.  It is the fault of the people who don't want to work for their freedom, and are instead content to give up their rights so they do not have to be concerned beyond the basics of existance:  eat, sleep, work, and don't piss off the government.     

Two metaphors for you.  One about Iraq, the other about democracy.

I heard this somewhere, I think it wa Buddist monk that observed this, or someting.   I can't remember the reference to even confirm it but it fits so perfectly for the situation between Iraq and the US, if you think of Iraq as the butterfly:

I was out walking one day when i chanced upon a butterfly struggling to come out of its crystallis.  I saw how the thing struggled, and took pity on it.  Carefully, I helped it out of its prison, and sat, barely daring to breathe as it dried its wings, and took to the air.  But to my shock and sadness, it suddenly dropped dead, just as I turned to continue on. . .


The second is, oh that democtacy is not like a human baby, its like a chick.  You know, some birds are born ready to lie their lives from the moment they hatch and dry.  Democracy is lke that kind of bird.  It arrives in the world after a struggle to break free of its prison, it is born covered in the goop of its former existance, and it must dry itself of that goop quickly.  It s mother will not assist it, its siblings run ahead of it, and if it remains in the nest it will die.  


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