Retribution: Book 3 in the Redemption Series by BlogHer Member R.K. Ryals

Book three, the final book, Retribution. Sigh. I'm sorry to see these characters go. Not that I have to since Conor has a series of his own called The Acropolis -- and I'm very much looking forward to reading about gargoyles. There are not enough books about gargoyles, in my opinion. Oh, where was I? Retribution -- right...

I started reading it on my phone yesterday and silly me, I did not pull it from the cloud to my iPad because I figured I'd take my time reading it -- only when I was in waiting rooms, taking a work break, sitting in the car waiting for kid pick up -- but then I got hooked and then my electricity went out and my iPhone's battery was almost dead (and charging it via laptop battery was super slow.) I had to start reading some other book(s) since I could not finish Retribution and that was annoying. I think I have finally learned my lesson -- always pull whatever I'm currently reading on my iPhone to my iPad (and maybe to TW's Kindle Fire, too -- just in case.

We pick up with the evil demon, Damen, having stolen Dayton back to the Abby and Dayton having to figure out how to escape (and keep her sister safe) -- Marcus does show up, as you knew he would -- and poof, no more evil demon. But, that was the easy part -- then they had to figure out how to deal with Lucifer (not to mention Lilith, not to mention the Ring of Solomon and that darn goody goody angel, Sophia.)

Big question -- who was the winged creature who used the sword there, close to the end... was it a minion of Lucifer? Was it Damon reincarnated? Was it... Sophia? Was it someone else entirely? Not clear and I'm wondering...

Nice ending. I wasn't sure how R.K. Ryals was going to tie things up AND keep things together, but she did it. She did it very nicely.

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