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The depressing economy need not take a toll on your beauty routine. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look good - think of our grandmothers! Did they spend ungodly sums of money at chi-chi spas? No! Were they glamorous? Yes!  How did they do it? They took care of their beauty needs themselves, that’s how.

I don’t think of myself as particularly high maintenance, but when I think back to the number of people I have paid to assist in my grooming I realize that what I had was a beauty staff fit for a diva: A manicurist/pedicurist, hairstylist, brow waxer, bikini waxer, facialist... Ah, those were the days. But since I’m no hollywood starlet and money isn’t exactly flowing freely these days, things have changed. I’m doing a lot of these beauty tasks myself, and I have to admit it’s been fun - thanks to the great products out there. There really is no excuse to do otherwise.

I’ve found three inexpensive products that are glamorous, fun, and easy, to inspire you to look good on your own terms:

1. Glamorous

When Cover Girl sent me a sample of LashBlast Luxe mascara the first thought that came to mind was “glamorous!” From the thick pink tube to the insanely large brush this mascara is sure to bring some va-va-voom to every day. The colors all add a little shimmer (that’s the “luxe” part) and I found that the mascara did a great job thickening my lashes (but I didn’t really notice any lengthening). It truly made my eyes pop. Who needs a make-up artist when glamour costs only $8?

2. Fun

I discovered Soap & Glory while on a Target run. I was attracted by the kitschy pink and silver packaging and by the fun copy (my Clean on Me shower gel tells me that “cleanliness is essential when godliness is improbable” - ha!) but the delicious powdery citrus fragrance is what ultimately sold me. Better yet, the gel delivers loads of delicious bubbles - making every shower a treat. It’s good enough for the bubble bath!

3. Easy

I am a huge proponent of professional brow maintenance because brows are the key to a polished look, and few of us can truly master them. (Please, I beg you, go to a professional if you ever need to have your brows shaped.) But what about maintenance? If you’re like me, you’re paralyzed by the fear of overplucking so you end up looking like Frida Kahlo in between appointments. I’ve found a really easy solution: Anastasia brow stencils. Just find the shape that’s closest to your (professionally groomed) brow shape, fill in with some dark shadow and pluck any hairs that fall outside the lines. Easy peasy!

Now, you tell me: What's your newest DIY beauty find?


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